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International House

International House was founded as an accommodation for international students and high researchers.

This reinforced concrete building is five stories high and has a total floor space of 2,479㎡. It contains 40 single rooms, 6 couples rooms, 8 family rooms, and also 2 family rooms for international researchers. A study room, a lounge and Japanese style rooms are also available.

There are Japanese students who also reside in International House, and act as tutors with whom international students can consult and ask for their help in case of emergencies, etc.

Dormitories for Company Employees

Through Foundation of Corporate Friendship Network for Foreign Students", International students can rent company accomodations. Currently, Sinfonia Technology is accepting International students from Toyohashi Tech who meet their requirements.

Capacity 4 families
  • Privately financed International students with family
  • Under35 years old
  • Stipend should be under 100,000yen per month
  • Some Japanese conversational ability is required
Term of limitation Term should be coincided with the length that the student spend in university. Maximum lengths is 4 years.
Rooms Dining&Kitchen, 3 rooms, bath room and toilet
Monthly Charge Monthly 19,500yen
(Water bill and management fee is included)
Utility costs such as electricity, gas and phone are not included.
Application For more details, please ask International Affairs Division staff.


Guarantor is required. Students are requested to join the "Comprihensive Renter's Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan" so that university can become the student's guarantor.

Housing Compensation

You should find a guarantor when you move into a private apartment. For the university to be your guarantor, you must first join "Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan".

Japan Educational Exchanges and Service (JEES) implements "Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan". If you do not join the insurance, you have to find a guarantor by yourself.

Private Housing

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