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FAQ for International Students

FAQ for International Students

VISA/ Passport

Q1.  Does university office perform VISA extension procedure of period of stay by proxy?
A1. International Affairs Division goes to immigration about once a month for visa formalities on behalf of international students (Intermediary Applications). The application period begins 3 months before the expiration date. Please submit the following required documents within 1 month at the latest. This intermediary application is for students only. Family members are not applicable.
*We keep your passport and resident card throughout the procedures.
*In case of intermediary applications, we may keep your passport about 2 months depending on the timing you bring them to us. If you are in hurry such as planning to go back to your home country, please go through visa formalities by yourself.
For the details and required documents, please visit here.

Q2. I would like to work part-time.
A2. International students have to apply for permission for out-of-status activities at the immigration office before you get a part-time job. This permit can be issued on the day you apply, and it can be taken care of by a university staff (Intermediary Applications). Please submit the following documents within 1 month you start to work at part time job at the latest. The valid period of this permit is the same as period of stay. You must be aware that working without this permit subjects you to the danger of deportation, imprisonment or levying of fines.
International students are not permitted to work in places which are related to or are businesses which effect public morals, such as cabarets, cafes, nightclubs, dance halls (disco) and pachinko parlors, and also, working hours are limited to 28h/week for regular students and 14h/week for research students.
For the details and required documents, please visit here.

Q3. I am going back to my home country during summer vacation. Is there anything I should do before leaving?
A3. Please submit “Report of Temporary Leave” to International Affairs Division when you go abroad.
Regarding “Re-entry Permit”, international students in possession of a valid passport and resident card who will reenter Japan within 1 year of their departure to continue their activities in Japan will, in principle, are not required to apply for a re-entry permit from July 9th, 2012. (This is called a special re-entry permit.) If your period of stay expires within 1 year after your departure, please ensure that you reenter Japan before the expiration of your period of stay.
If international students leave Japan for more than 1 year, please get a "Re-entry Permit". Re-entry permit can be issued on the day you apply, and it can be taken care of by a university staff (Intermediary Applications).
For the details and required documents, please visit here.

Q4. Since I will get a job in Japan after graduating from Toyohashi Tech, I want to change the visa status.
A4. Please obtain a working visa. Since there are various kinds of working visas, please ask your employer and immigration office and prepare all the required documents by yourself.
[HP of Immigration Bureau of Japan]

Q5. I want to remain in Japan after graduation to continue looking for jobs.
A5. International students who wish to remain in Japan after graduation in order to continue looking for jobs need to change visa status to a Designated Activity Visa.
This status of residence has a six-month period of stay and can be renewed one time for a maximum of one year.
After graduation from university, you cannot look for a job with your student VISA.
For the details and required documents, please visit here.

Q6. My passport will expire.
A6. You can apply for a renewal of your passport at your home country during your vacation or through your country's consulate or embassy in Japan by yourself.

Q7. I got a new passport. Visa status is stamped on the old passport.
A7.  It has no problems if you carry both passports with you at all times. However, you may get the stamps of your visa status and re-entry permit transferred over from your old passport to the new one for free of charge at the Immigration office by yourself.

Q8.  I want to bring my family to Japan.
A8. Please be aware that you will have to carry out many things by yourself, such as visa application, looking for private accommodations, and children's education. Since it will take a lot of efforts in preparing for your families to live with you in Japan, we recommend that you invite them to come over after you have become very much accustomed to Japan.
[HP of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan]

Q9. If I invite my family for a short stay, what type of visa will be issued?
A9. Contact directly the Japanese Embassy/the Japanese Consulate General in your country to apply for a temporary visitor's visa.
However, if your country is regarded as a visa-waiver country, no visa is required for a short stay.
[HP of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan]


Q10. Can I apply for International House?
A10. International house is a student dormitory for newly arrived international students, mainly for Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship students and short-term students from partner universities. Its maximum length of residence is 1 year. Moving-in opportunity is not always available even if there is a vacancy. Though there are no rooms reserved for self-financing students, they might have a chance to apply if there are some vacancies in the middle of a academic year. Couple rooms and family rooms are applicable for all international students on a first-come-first-served basis.Please obtain a working visa. Since there are various kinds of working visas, please ask your employer and immigration office and prepare all the required documents by yourself.
For more details, please visit here.

Q11. Can I apply for Student dormitory?
A11. Student dormitory is applicable only for regular students. If you are currently a research student, applications are received after you passed the entrance examination.
For the details, ask Student Affairs Division, counter No.4.

Private Housing

Q12. Where can I get the detailed information about the private apartments?
A12. Student Affairs Division takes the charge of this.
For more details, please visit here (University Website)(only in Japanese).

Q13. I need a guarantor for private apartment.
A13.  If you join "Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan", university can be your guarantor. Not all of the landlords including prefectural housing accept this system, so make sure to confirm if the landlord accepts university to be your guarantor beforehand or not.
For more details, please visit here.


Q14. Can I apply for scholarship?
A14. Information about scholarship application is updated on CIR website for International students. Japanese language skill is required for most of the scholarship, and some require interviews and written examinations as well. Please read through the application guideline to choose which one is the most suitable for you to apply.
University will screen applicants, and then successful applicants will be recommended to scholarship foundation.

Q15. How should I deal with signing up for MEXT scholarship during summer vacation?
I am going back to home country.
A15. If you are out of Japan from the 1st day to the last day of the same month, that month's scholarship will not be paid for any reason. Please make a plan to when to leave and come back to Toyohashi Tech so that you can come to International Affairs Division once a month. If you sign up before 5th of each month, you will get scholarship around the end of each month. If you sign up after 5th, the scholarship will be paid in the middle of the following month.

Student Life

Q16. Where can I get the information about Tuition Exemption System, Student ID Card, Lost article and Health Report for Int'l Students?
A16.  Student Affairs Division takes the charge of these.
Tuition Exemption System・・・Counter 4, Life Support Section
Student ID Card・A lost article・・・Counter 5, Student Affairs Section
Health Report・・・Counter 7, Student Consultation Section

Q17. I'd like to get the information about Student Discount, Certificate of Academic Record and Enrollment Certificate.
A17. You can get these from the issue machine. If you forgot your password number, please ask to Academic Affairs Division.
※The Student ID Card in expiration date is necessary for using the issue machine.
(ex. If you became Master from Undergraduate, you need the Student ID Card, which is written of Master.)

Japanese Language Study

Q18. Can I study Japanese language in TUT ?
Japanese Intensive Language CourseⅠ

Japanese Intensive Language Course I (Elementary) aims to help international students cultivate Japanese communication abilities, and improve their Japanese language skills to the level where they can be taught in Japanese in the field of engineering.
Only those who have approval and recommendation from his/her academic supervisor and be admitted after interview can join this course.
For more details, please visit here.

Japanese Intensive Language CourseⅡ

We offer three kinds of Japanese Intensive Language CourseII (Pre-Intermediate), grammar, conversation and Kanji course.
For more details, please visit here.

Basic Japanese Classes

We also offer some Japanese language classes for beginners.
For more details, please visit here.


Q19. I've received the payment documents on national pension from Toyohashi City Hall.
A19. By submitting National Pension Fee Exemption (only for students), you don’t have to pay this fee. Please go through the procedure when you apply for Alien Registration at Toyohashi City Hall. Please be aware that you have to apply for it every year. You can apply for the exemption by submitting the application to the Japan Pension Service around April from next year. As it takes about three months to city hall to vet it, the student who has applied may be sent a notice from city hall. However, you only have to keep it.
You can apply for the exemption at Takashidai branch office. Please check here (Toyohashi City Hall website).
・Open: Weekday 8:30~17:15
・Necessary Documents: (1)Pension book or the notice (2)Student ID Card or Enrollment Certificate

Q20. How can I enroll my children in a day-care center?
A20. Please refer to the Website of Toyohashi City Hall.
Please inquire the day-care center if there is availability. Enrollment requirement is met if parents are both workers and students and cannot take care of their children during daytime. As a proof of this requirement, you need to submit the working certificate or enrollment certificate. If your spouse attends Basic Japanese Classes, "Certificate of Spouse's Japanese Learning" can be issued.

Q21. How can I enroll my children in an elementary school?
A21. Please inquire Toyohashi Educational Division at Toyohashi City Hall. School to enter will be decided depending on where you live.
Toyohashi Educational Division, Toyohashi City Hall
1 Imahashi-cho,Toyohashi


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