Core of International Relations


International House Q & A

Q1. Are there any criteria for international students who can move into single rooms?
A1. The following are the priority criteria for moving in. (1) Short-term international students (special research students and special auditing students) under inter-university exchange agreements, international students under the Double Degree Program, and international students under the Twinning Program (2) Regular international students who do not apply to any of the above categories and are newly enrolled at the university as well.
Q2. Can I move into a couple or family room?
A2. Yes, if there are rooms available. (There may be cases where you cannot move in due to the selection process.)                         
Q3. Is there a deadline for moving in?

(1) Short-term international students (Special Research Students and Special Auditing Students), Double Degree Program students, and Twinning Program students can move in within the period for completing their programs. (2) All other international students are allowed to move in for 6 months. (*Couple rooms and family rooms also have a 6-month tenancy period)

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