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VISA Information

For an extension of visa status, an application of an out-of-status activities permit, or a re-entry permit, a university representative can go through visa formalities on your behalf (hereinafter referred to as "Intermediary Applications").

Furthermore, international students who wish to remain in Japan after graduation in order to continue looking for jobs need to change visa status to a Designated Activity Visa.

According to these systems, you must perform necessary procedures in advance at International Affairs Division in order to obtain the required documents for your application.

Extension of visa status

International Affairs Division goes to immigration about once a month for visa formalities on behalf of international students (Intermediary Applications). The application period begins 3 months before the expiration date. Please submit the following required documents within 1 month at the latest.

In case of intermediary applications, we may keep your passport about 2 months depending on the timing you bring them to us. If you are in hurry such as planning to go back to your home country, please go through visa formalities by yourself.

This intermediary application is for international students only. Family members are not applicable.

Necessary Documents

  • Application Form for Extension of Period of Stay [Forms Part1, 2P -College Student/Pre-college Student- and 3P] (Application Form is at International Affairs Division)
  • Documents prepared by the University
  • Passport
  • 4,000-yen revenue stamp (available at university utility shop)
  • Academic Transcript
    Certificate of Research Details if you are a Research students
  • Resident Card
  • National Insurance Certificate("Kokumin kenko hokensho") (Not necessary for intermediary application)
  • Documents showing your income (Certicate of Scholarship, Bankbook etc.) (Not necessary for intermediary application)

Out-of-Status Activities (Part-Time Job)

International students have to apply for permission for out-of-status activities at the immigration office before you get a part-time job. This permit can be issued on the day you apply, and it can be taken care of by a university staff (Intermediary Applications). Please submit the following documents within 1 month you start to work at part time job at the latest. The valid period of this permit is the same as period of stay. You must be aware that working without this permit subjects you to the danger of deportation, imprisonment or levying of fines.

International students are not permitted to work in places which are related to or are businesses which effect public morals, such as cabarets, cafes, nightclubs, dance halls (disco) and pachinko parlors, and also, working hours are limited to 28h/week for regular students and 14h/week for research students.

Necessary Documents

  • Application for Permission to Engage Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted (Application Form is at International Affairs Division)
  • Passport
  • Resident Card

Re-entry Permits

International Students in possession of a valid passport and resident card who will be reentering Japan within 1 year of their departure to continue their activities in Japan will, in principle, not be required to apply for a re-entry permit from July 9th, 2012. (This is called a special re-entry permit.) When you leave Japan, be sure to present your residence card and tick the column indicating your intention of departure by the Special Re-entry Permit System on an ED card for Special Re-entry Permit. If your period of stay expires within 1 year after your departure, please ensure that you re-enter Japan before the expiration of your period of stay.

If International students leave Japan for more than 1 year, please get a "Re-entry Permit". Re-entry permit can be issued on the day you apply, and it can be taken care of by a university staff (Intermediary Applications).

Necessary Documents

* Re-entry Permit is not required for a student who will return to Japan within 1 year.

  • Application for a Re-entry Permit
  • Passport
  • 3,000-yen revenue stamp for a single re-entry or 6,000-yen revenue stamp for a multiple re-entry (available at the university utility shop)
  • Resident Card
  • Student ID (or ID) (Not necessary for intermediary application)

Notification of the accepting organization

When you finish your study/research activity in TUT or when you enter/transfer to other universities, you are required to report to the Immigration Bureau within 14 days after the change takes places.

Please submit the form at the Immigration Bureau or by post.

If you submit by post, please send the form to the address below with the photocopy of your residence card.

Address Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, Information Processing Department
5-5-30 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8255

Necessary Documents

A. When you finish your study/research/working activity in TUT (left the organization)

  • Notification of the Accepting Organization (left the organization) [Form]
  • Residence Card

B. When you enter TUT from other education institutions or you enter/transfer to other universities (transfer to a new organization)

  • Notification of the Accepting Organization (transfer) [Form]
  • Residence Card

C. When you report both A and B at once (left the organization and transfer to a new organization)

  • Notification of the Accepting Organization (left and transfer) [Form]
  • Residence Card

Status of Residence (Designated Activity Visa) after Graduation

International students who wish to remain in Japan after graduation in order to continue looking for jobs need to change visa status to a Designated Activity Visa.

This status of residence has a six-month period of stay and can be renewed one time for a maximum of one year.

After graduation from university, you cannot look for a job with your student VISA.

Necessary Documents

  • VISA application form
  • Passport
  • Residence Card
  • Financial statement showing you can provide for yourself through your stay.
    (ex:proof of payment, copy of banknote)
  • Certificate of Graduation/Certificate of Completion
  • Recommendation Letter from the University (see below)
  • Evidence that you are seeking employment
    (ex: Job hunting record、a notification of Selection result)
  • Revenue stamp 4000yen

Recommendation Letter from University

  1. The student who wants to continue job hunting after graduation in Japan, please contact the International Affairs division at the beginning of the graduation month.
  2. Make a job hunting plan, and get approval from your supervisor, your supervisor of employment, and the chair teacher, and submit "Application For Certificate For Job Hunting" to International affairs division.
  3. When the university accepts the issue of the recommendation letter , we publish it within one week.
  4. You submit a Recommendation letter and other required documents to the Immigration office, and please report the result to the International Affairs Office.
  5. When you change the contact information, or finish job hunting, please report it to the International Affairs Division immediately.
  • This VISA is only for degree students.
    Non-degree students, Exchange students, and Research students can not receive Designated Activities VISA.
  • If you are "Coursework Completion without Degree" student, you can not change visa status to a Designated Activity Visa.
  • When you apply for the extension of VISA six months later, you need the same documents and same procedure. So keep all documents which are necessary for the Recommendation letter.

Toyohashi Port Branch of Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau

Address 2nd Floor, Toyohashi Kowan Godo Chosha 3-11 Jinnofuto-sho, Toyohashi City 441-8075
Tel 0532-32-6567
Open 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00
Access Toyohashi Eki Nishieki Mae - Kowan Godo Chosha (commuting time : 20-25 minutes)

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