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Useful Links

Information of Higashi-Mikawa "Honokuni"

You can look for a hospital in Aichi that can support by various languages

Information for tourist in Japan and about Japanese culture

Comprehensive information of Japan, History, Gov.,Science, Art, Society....

Weather Info. and Disaster (Typhoon, Earthquake,Tsunami) Info

Info. for education system, study in Japan, entry formalities, scholarhsip, and daily life

Study in Japan Comprehensive Guide

Mail Rates and Delivery Times, It is convenient to send Christmas cards.

Japanese and Overseas business information.

Overseas News/Situation/Problems, Project of JICA information.

About Toyohashi, Culture of Toyohashi, City planning.

Daily Life Info. and Japanese classes Info. are useful.

Flight Info., Ground transportation and Connecting flights.

In case of Inbound/Outbound from Nagoya, See this web site.

Kansai Airport is in Osaka, and is called KANKUU.

Shinkansen Info., Ticket Info. and Shinkansen Tour Info.

Meitetsu Info., Ticket Info. and Timetable

Life Info., Scholarship Info. and Job Hunting Info. by 4 languages

Info. of Various procedures at Immigration Bureau

Tips for a safe and pleasant living in Japan

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