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International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development

ICCEED(International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development)


Activities of ICCEED

Collaboration with JICA Development Studies Program (JICA-DSP)

JICA-DSP invites future leaders from partner countries to Japan, and offers the opportunity to learn about Japan's modernization and development experiences, which differ from those of Europe and the U.S., and its wisdom as a country that provided cooperation toward the progress of developing countries after World War II. TUT collaborate with JICA to make this program fruitful.

Open Forum

ICCEED Open Forum is annually held in Tokyo. The Center invites distinguished lecturers from in and outside of Japan to provide lectures and discussions with the theme in broad range of perspectives regarding international engineering education.

IGNITE Seminars

The purpose of the seminars is to improve knowledge and understanding of international cooperation for academic staff of universities and technical colleges engaged in engineering education.

JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Group & Region Focus)

JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Group & Region Focus) is a program to acquire knowledge and methodology for establishment and development of industrial clusters. Participants can learn about them from the basis to practical activities by Japan at various levels: Japanese government, private organizations, universities, and so on.

Participants' goal is to learn about specific strategies and devices about activities for university-industry-Government matching, roles and functions of industry supporting organizations, and utilization of universities' intellectual property in the phase of formation, administration and activation of clusters. Participants also aim to master cluster approaches which suit to their own countries' current condition.

JICA Projects for Country Focused Training and Dialogue, "Electronic Circuit, Measurement and Control"

JICA supports the National College of Technical Professional (CONALEP) in Mexico, through the technical cooperation project. The project aims to enhance engineers' skill (introduce KAIZEN practice, etc.), and cultivate next generation engineers in industry. Also the Project for "Human Resource Development for the Automotive Industry in El Bajio of Mexico," has been implemented, especially focusing on auto parts manufacturing companies, under the Project for strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and supporting industry.

It is an emerging challenge in Mexico to develop human resources and engineers of suppliers who have knowledge and skill in the field of "electronic control," in order to follow the trends of electrical automobile development and increase its economic growth in automotive industry.

This project aims to increase engineers in automotive industry in Mexico through enhancing ability as both engineers and leaders in the field of "Electronic Circuit, Measurement and Control."

Past Projects

  • The First Phase

[Course Period] May 8, 2017 to November 24, 2017

  • The Second Phase

[Course Period] May 6, 2016 to November 25, 2016

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