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IGNITE held The 2nd IGNITE seminar

Publishing : 2017.11.08

IGNITE (Institute for Global Network Innovation in Technology Education) held the 2nd IGNITE seminar on 30th October, 2017 with 25 participants composed of academics, administrative staffs and college students.

IGNITE invited Mr. Motoharu Watanabe, Deputy Managing Director of Human Resources Department of JICA. He delivered a lecture about "JICA's cooperation in the field of higher education and outline of AUN/SEED-Net ".

Mr. Watanabe had been served Deputy Director-General of AUS/SEED-Net. From his experience perspective, he gave a lucid explanation of SEED-Net and show future policy of the program. A professor in participating, made an inquiry about the application of the program by new comer.

In addition, Mr. Watanabe presented JICA's Aid Policies in the field of higher education and new aid program for accepting international students.

He had an extremely candid exchange of views with professors and staff of TUT for smooth implementation of JICA-TUT cooperation.


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