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The3rd IGNITE Seminar in 2016

Publishing : 2016.10.31

IGNITE (Institute for Global Network Innovation in Technology Education) held the 3rd IGNITE seminar on 27thOctober, 2016 with 28 participants from our university and outside.
IGNITE invited Mr. Naoki Umemiya (Director, Technical and Higher Education Team, Human Development Department of JICA). He delivered a speech themed on, "Current Conditions and Problems of International Cooperation about Higher Education Field for Developing Countries."
Some participants provided us with following comments,
"I could obtain the latest information about education policy in developing countries such as Asia and present situation of universities;"
"Mr. Umemiya explained the whole picture of ODA (Official Development Assistance) clearly, referring to issues faced by universities."
These comments showed us that this seminar was very useful to promote globalization in our university through international and university cooperation.
IGNITE is planning to hold seminars for providing information about existing state of affairs and future prospects of the world and invite lecturers with extensive knowledge and experience about economy, society, industry, technology, and education in the face of globalization. We welcome any suggestions to formulate the upcoming seminars.


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