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IGNITE held the 14th Open Forum

Publishing : 2016.04.18

IGNITE (Institute for Global Network Innovation in Technology Education) held the 14th Open Forum, titled "What Should We Do to Foster High-Level Human Resources who Support Manufacturing in Asia?"on 15th (Thu.) March, 2016. (60 participants from university, local companies, and citizen)

The forum carried out by institution guide, panelists and lecturers with academic knowledge gave audiences very fruitful information and deep knowledge. The participants were able to acknowledge the needs of redefining and then vitalizing Japanese MONOZUKURI" and advantages of industry-academia-government cooperation in global competition.

Based on the benefit of the forum with field experiences of lecturers and panelists, the voice of holding sustainable and continuous information sharing occasion was strongly requested from the participants.


【Part 1】

(Keynote Lecture) Mr. Fumio Kojima, Special Technical Advisor, HIDA

"The current situation of companies which accelerate overseas operation and challenges of human resources"

(Lecturer) Mr. Yuji Shimo-Osawa, Director of the Board, HIDA

"Cases of Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology"

(About measures) Mr. Hiroyuki Nakagawa, Director of Regional Human Resources Policy Office at Chubu Bureau of Economy,Trade and Industry

"Some measures of fostering human resources for industry~The cases of fostering high-level human resources in overseas/Use of foreign human resources~"


Mr. Kojima, Special Technical Advisor, HIDA. Mr. Shimo-Osawa, Director of the Board, HIDA. Mr. Toshiaki Ono, President of TOYOTEC Co., Ltd Mr. Shinichi Tanaka, Director, Team1, Private Sector Development Group, Industrial  Development and Public Policy Department, JICA.

Panel Discussion:The new development through cooperation and co-creation

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