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IGNITE held the 5th IGNITE Seminar 2015

Publishing : 2015.10.20

IGNITE (Institute for Global Network Innovation in Technology Education) held the 5th seminar on 8th (Thu.) October, 2015. (60 people in total including university students, staff, and public people participated in the seminar)

Mr. Tomoyuki Iwanaga, the president of Global Innovation Consulting Inc., and the pioneer of the business development in Myanmar, delivered a speech themed on ‘Fostering Myanmar bilingual IT engineers, and supporting the internationalization of Japanese companies.’ In his lecture, he explained things such as the market needs for Myanmar bilingual IT engineers, fostering bilingual engineers, and precautions of business in Myanmar.

In the question-and-answer session with audience, some people gave us opinions such as ” It was good to know Japanese national character was close to Myanmar,”“His speech was convincing thanks to his experience in Myanmar,” and “It was intriguing to know about Myanmar bilingual IT engineers comparing with the situations of other ASEAN countries."

Ignite is planning to hold several seminars related to the global issues such as economy, society, industry, technology, and education. We welcome any suggestions to formulate the upcoming seminars.



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