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IGNITE held the 3rd IGNITE Seminar 2015

Publishing : 2015.09.03

IGNITE (Institute for Global Network Innovation in Technology Education) held the 3rd seminar on 10th (Fri.) July, 2015.

(Approximately 29 people including university students, staff, and people involved in international cooperation participated in the seminar)

In the seminar themed on international cooperation through JICA volunteer activities, 4 people with the experience of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (Two of them are the alumni of this university) delivered speeches related to cultural experiences, difficulties in life, and change of heart after returning home. The participants gave us valuable feedbacks such as "I’d like to know the effects of experiences of international cooperation on our future careers," "I need more details about the activities." And many people pointed out the necessity of sufficient time for the discussion since we unfortunately didn’t have enough time for it. Based on these feedbacks, Ignite is planning to hold several seminars related to the global issues such as economy, society, industry, technology, and education. We welcome any suggestions to formulate the upcoming seminars.




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