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GRACE Program

Global Rotation Program for Architecture and Civil Engineering Education Bridging ASEAN and African Countries (GRACE Program)

1. Purpose of the program

This program is designed to:

2. Program contents

 <Course Listings for this program leaflet(tentative)>

3. Number of positions available

 【Master`s Degree】 2 students

 【Doctoral Degree】  8 students

*Priority will be given to those from ASEAN and African countries.

4. Scholarship awards

Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship-University Recommendation

 【Master`s Degree】 1 student

 【Doctoral Degree】  4 students

5. Eligibility

6. Application procedure and deadlines

  • 1. Find a TUT supervisor and obtain prior-approval.

  • 2. Complete the application for the Program and the MEXT Scholarship.
        Deadline: December 27, 2023 (Japan Time)

  •  * To join this program, you must separately apply for
  •    the University graduate admission and be admitted
  •    to the University.

  • 4. MEXT-scholarship selection results announced
  •     in June 2024

  • 5. Graduate School Admission results announced
  •     in July 2024

  • 6. Enrollment
  •     in October 2024

7. Inquiry

Address International Student Section, Student Affairs Division
Toyohashi University Technology
1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku, Toyohashi, Aichi, 441-8580, JAPAN

*Please change [at] to @

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