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Self-study Room

This room is intended for the self-paced study of students, office employees, and faculty members.
Numerous software programs are available in the AV Library.

Opening Hours 10:00 - 17:00, Monday through Friday (Except National Holidays)

Please note that your student or staff ID card is necessary to use the Center's facilities.
※Please come to the Center Office for a registration if you are not a full-time student.
※Your account code and password issued by Information and Media Center are necessary in order to use ALC Net Academy2 and computers.

Self-Study Booth

Self-Study Booth

Eight AV equipped self-study booths: each booth is equipped for the use of LD and DVD, as well as audio and video tapes.

A part of Computer Mini-Lab

A part of Computer Mini-Lab

There are nine computers (Windows 7 & XP) and a laser printer. These computers are operated by intranet and are connected to ALC NetAcademy2, an English-learning system with a special emphasis on improving English proficiency as measured by TOEIC.

AV Library (links accessible within university only)

AV Library

The AV Library has approximately 1000 items of language-instruction, movies, music, history, art, and current issues on DVD, LD and video; 1200 audiocassettes and 500 CD-ROMs are also available for learning various languages.

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