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International Student Program

Overview of International Student Program 2015


Since 2003 Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi Tech) has annually organized an International Exchange Program for Young Engineers. Last year, we revised the program under the new name "International Student Program", and invited partner university students from 6 partner universities. The program is aimed at promoting international, intercultural and mutual understanding among the students of Toyohashi Tech and partner universities, thus contributing to fostering young engineers who can play leading roles in the world of internationalization.

In 2015 the program will be organized as described below. We are looking forward to your application.

Period and Venue

From August 31st (Mon) to September 5th (Sat), 2015 (See the schedule for details)
Toyohashi University of Technology and around Toyohashi city and Nagoya City

About Program

Students will participate in the workshops and discuss global issues from the viewpoint of engineers. They will also visit some Japanese companies and cultural places.


Toyohashi Tech about 20 students
Partner Universities Bandung Institute of Technology (INDONESIA) 4 students
Northeastern University (CHINA) 4students
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (MALAYSIA) 4 students
Universiti Sains Malaysia (MALAYSIA) 4 students
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (VIETNAM) 4 students



  1. Applicants must be highly motivated, and have sufficient English skills.
  2. Applicants must receive permission from their academic supervisor to join this program.
  3. Applicants are required to attend the orientation before the program and reporting session after the program.

*Basically, participants are required to attend throughout the program.
*Applicants who have participated in previous programs also can apply for this program.


Toyohashi Tech will cover event expense during the program.
*We cannot cover personal expenses; meal etc.,

Inquiry/ Application Submission

  1. Application
  2. Deadline for Application: 17:00, July 3rd (Fri), 2015
  3. Place of Submission: International Affairs Division (Ext: 2042/ 6577)

Screening and Notice

Document screening (In some cases, interview will be held.) Notification will be announced to applicants.


・Applicants are required to attend the orientation before the program (July 16th (Thu), 18:00-)
・There are cases in which cancellations are made.
・This program is supported by Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science (SAKURA Exchange Program in Science) 2015 of Japan Science and Technology Agency.

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