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Joining Aichi International Student Network for Former Students of Vietnamese

Vietnamese Aichi Ryugakusei OB・OG Network(VARONET)

Former Aichi overseas students are not only an invaluable resource to their home countries, but to Aichi as well. In addition to gaining advanced knowledge and skills in Aichi institutes of higher education, these students have also developed a deep understanding and warm attachment to our prefecture by interacting with residents in their daily lives and learning about Japanese language and culture.

It is our hope that former Aichi overseas students can serve as bridges facilitating the development of both Aichi and their home countries by engaging in various activities, such as supporting Aichi companies with operations in overseas, advising students who are interested in studying at Aichi universities, and assisting visitors and delegations from Aichi. Such students will also be able to contribute to expand mutual investment through human resource exchanges.

This project is focused on Vietnam, which is not only showing exceptional growth in the Asia region, but also has the fastest growing number of international students coming to Aichi universities. Vietnam is also the first country Aichi exchanged a memorandum on mutual economic exchanges with in March 2008.

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