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Organization and Activities

About the Center for International Relations

In 2012, the National University Reform Enhancement Promotion Project was launched. As part of this, in October 2013 Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi Tech) established the Institute for Global Network Innovation in Technology and Education (IGNITE) in order to co-ordinate and strengthen its contribution to global education.

Working under the umbrella of IGNITE, the mission of Toyohashi Tech’s Center for International Relations (CIR) is to advance the international activities of the university by promoting further student exchange.

We not only provide support for international students on campus such as by language training, but we also promote opportunities for Japanese students to study and work abroad.

In addition the Center itself will contribute to the internationalization of the campus by becoming a meeting place for students of various backgrounds.

Organization and Administration



  1. Recruit excellent international students from all over the world
  2. Organize Japanese language courses to international students, researchers, trainees and their families
  3. Plan and implement cultural exchange on-campus events, such as International Exchange Day and Summer School Programme
  4. Provide language classes, and introductory seminars on society and culture to students, staff and faculty who will study/work abroad
  5. Provide academic and daily life support to international students


Fiscal 1978 The Language Center was founded as an educational institution as part of Toyohashi University of Technology. The Center's staff consisted of two professors and an associate professor at that time.
Fiscal 1980 Publication of the Center's newsletter started.
Fiscal 1994 The CALL Laboratory was established.
Fiscal 1999 Net Academy was introduced to help students study for TOEIC test.
Fiscal 2002 The International Student Center was established as a campus-wide educational and academic research facility.
The Faculty Development workshop was established.
The CALL Laboratory was updated.
Fiscal 2010 Center for International Relations (CIR) was founded in April 2010. CIR is a consolidation of the former Language Center and the International Student Center.


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