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Greeting from the Director

While various industries continue to face severe situations, the importance of "manufacturing", backed by strong technology, is loudly emphasized. It is engineers who support this and it goes without saying that developing "global engineers" who have a rich sense of humanity and an international perspective, as well as practicality and creativity will become more and more important in the future.

The Center of International Education (CIE) was established in October 2013, under the Institute for Global Network Innovation in Technology Education (IGNITE). This center’ overarching mission is to strongly advance the nurturing of global engineers who go onto to succeed internationally. The important mission of the Center of International Education is thus to,

  1. Establish and manage the overseas educational base in Penang, Malaysia,
  2. Develop and implement a special International Program at the base in Penang,
  3. Develop and conduct overseas internship program including the Management of Technology,
  4. Plan and support in development of the Global E-learning Program,
  5. Develop and implement programs for Global Faculty Development (FD) as well as Staff Development (SD) to strengthen global potential of the faculty members and staff.

As particularly noted activities at the base in Penang, we launched an overseas internship program designed for our university students to become global engineers by to placing them in local companies as "international students". It is my wish that our students learn about manufacturing from a global standpoint re-acknowledge Japanese culture, and absorb various other cultures through on-site industrial and overseas experience at our base in Penang. I also hope that the students gain vigor from activities in Penang and forge a friendly relationship with local students by learning together, so that they reorient the current their mindset to forward-looking.

In addition, we will make continuous efforts toward improvement by organizing meetings to discuss the important matters on center’s basic policy and operation  in cooperation with Nagaoka University of Technology and the Institute of National Colleges of Technology.

Last of all, I would cordially like to seek your understanding of and support for CIE’s endeavors.

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