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International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development

ICCEED(International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development)


Greeting from the director of ICCEED

The International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development (ICCEED) was originally planned as a key research center for Japan's international cooperation with developing countries in engineering education. The center was eventually established in April, 2001, following the center for education development (established at Hiroshima University in FY1997), the center for agricultural education (established at Nagoya University in FY1999), and the center for medical education (established at the University of Tokyo in FY2000). Through incorporatization of national universities in Japan in 2004, ICCEED has been engaged in research on formation and management of international cooperation projects in engineering education in collaboration with researchers at home and abroad.

Since 2010, the center has been playing an additional role in facilitating international exchange and alliance in Toyohashi University of Technology. The center collaborates with the Center for International Relations to form the Organization of International Affairs to foster international activities of the university.

ICCEED celebrated the 10th anniversary in 2011, and held a symposium commemorating its 10th Anniversary as part of the event commemorating the 35th Anniversary of Toyohashi University of Technology. We expect that international cooperation will change from conventional one-directional support to mutually beneficial cooperative relations as Asian nations show a rapid growth. Partnerships to other universities in developing and developed countries need to be enhanced more than ever. The enhanced ties will help internationalization of Japanese students, which is an important issue in our university.

To operate the center, we organize the ICCEED Steering Committee to discuss the central policy of our center and other important issues. The committee members include representatives from related ministries of the central government and agencies for international cooperation and institutions of higher education.

We will make a continuous effort to meet your expectations, and highly appreciate your support to and cooperation with the center.

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