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International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development

ICCEED(International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development)


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Developing countries lack the human resources needed to engage in rapid industrialization and market oriented economic reform. In contrast, there is an ever-increasing demand for human resources in the engineering field who can deal flexibly with a variety of matters including human and advanced technologies interface, global environmental problems and digital divides. There is a particular need for the following: the development of systematic, efficient and effective education programs; the development of human resource in higher education (academic and administrative staff, and government officials); the enhancement of educational and research systems (for undergraduate and graduate students); the qualitative improvement of vocational technical training; industry-university cooperation and active exchange, and inter-university cooperation.

Against this backdrop, Japan is implementing Official Development Assistance (ODA). In June 1996, the Ministry of Education published a report regarding the study meeting for promotion of international cooperation in the field of education in response to current international needs. It described the need for training and preparing competent people to engage in socio-economic development in developing countries. The report proposed the establishment of international cooperation centers for education, especially in the fields of medicine, engineering, agriculture, educational development and social science, and by March 2001, international cooperation centers in educational development, agricultural education and medical education had been opened.

Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi Tech or TUT) has intensively conducted international exchange activities since the foundation of the university, and supported Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through project-type technical cooperation, such as the "Higher Education Development Support (HEDS) Project" in Indonesia, the "Cooperation with Pathumwan Technical College Project" in Thailand, the "Cooperation with the Expansion Project of the Engineering Faculty, Thammasat University" in Thailand and the "Cooperation to Promote Riyadh Technical School of Electronics to a College" in Saudi Arabia. TUT also cooperated with the Japan Indonesia Forum of Science and Technology (JIF), using the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF) loan for "Institut Teknologi Bandung Reform Support Project." The "Three New Engineering Departments (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering) Establishment Support Project" at Lampung University in Indonesia was our own support project.

TUT's international exchange activities and achievements in the field of engineering education have been widely and extensively acknowledged and, as a result, the International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development (ICCEED) was established at TUT in April 2001.

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