IGNITE's mission

In recent years, the number of discussions concerning the globalization of universities are increasing.

While there are various sides to globalization, regarding research, it seems necessary to conduct joint research projects with overseas universities and institutes in order to create a research system with potential for international competitiveness.

On the other hand, as for the matter of higher education at universities, it appears necessary to accept international students from various other countries to cultivate a better understating of Japan and for the globalization of Japanese students.

The Institute for Global Network Innovation in Technology Education (IGNITE) was established in October 2013 to incorporate these globalization tasks in Toyohashi University of Technology and to further strengthen internationalization.

IGNITE consists of three centers:the International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development,the Center for International Relations,the Center for International Education,and the Overseas Education Base in Penang, Malaysia.

  • The International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development
    plans and enforces international cooperation projects, and also strengthens cooperation and establishes exchange agreements between overseas educational research institutes.
  • The Center for International Relations
    deals with the admission and education of international students, and also plans and enforces various international exchange projects.
  • The Center for International Education
    the organization which was newly founded in respond to the Tri-Institutional Collaborative/Cooperative Educational Reform project, one of the National University Reform Enhancement Promotion Project, plans and carries out projects on global education for Japanese students, Japanese education for international students, as well as strengthening the globalization amongst the university staff.
  • Overseas Education Base
    would be used to educate global engineers with global mindsets.

By combining these organizations under the umbrella title IGNITE, we are hoping to promote the globalization at our university, to strengthen our international competitive edge, and to create distinguished global human resources.

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