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JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Group & Region Focus)

Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) has organaized JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Group and Region Focus) in order to cultivate human resources who contribute to industry promotion in developing countries since 2007, implemented by ICCEED.

The program utilizes the accumulated knowledge in TUT and human network of University, Industry and Government cooperation, particularly, in Toyohashi/Mikawa region.

The program is proposed by Japanese side based on the needs in developing countries, then requested the participation through diplomatic channels from developing countries. This program aims to establish the "Place (Ba)" to co-create new "Knowledge" by learning Japanese experiences and sharing similar challenges between the participated countries.

Regional Industry Promotion by Cluster Approach (B) JFY2017

      • 【Course Period in JAPAN】 20th September 2017 to 21st October 2017
      • 【Participating Countries】 Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, and Vietnam (10 members in total)
      • 【Program Contents (Lecturer/Speaker)】
        • The Basics of Clusters - How to Understand, Plan, and Operate
          (Ms. Chie SATO, Biztech Inc.)
        • Japan's Industrial Policies and Cluster-Related Policies
          (Mr. Shinichiro NAKASHIMA, METI-CHUBU)
        • Industrial Policies in Local Regions of Japan -Central Region- Centering on the Wellness Valley (Mr. Masami HAYASHI, Obu City)
        • Regional Plan and Smart Cluster of HIGASHI MIKAWA Region
          (Dr. Katsutoshi KATO, Higashi Mikawa Regional Research Center)
        • Cluster Development as a Regional Policy ‐Case of Higashi Mikawa Region‐
          (Dr. Toshiyuki TODA, Research Center for San-En-Nanshin Regional Collaboration,
          Aichi University)
        • Toyohashi City's Cluster Activities and Concept (Mr. Kei YAMAMOTO, Toyohashi City)
        • Activity & Function of SCIENCE CREATE CO., LTD. (Mr. Keinosuke SHIRASAKA, Science Create Co,. LTD.)
        • Agro-Food Industry Cluster Project
          (Mr. Hideo TSUZUKI, Science Create Co,. LTD., L&M International)
        • MAKERS-LAB TOYOHASHI Digital Monozukuri
          (Mr. Hideo TSUZUKI, Science Create Co,. LTD., L&M International)
        • Creating a Cluster for Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Enterprises in Toyohashi Area
          (Mr. Hideo TSUZUKI, Science Create Co,. LTD., L&M International)
        • Applicability in Each Country
          (Mr. Hideo TSUZUKI, Science Create Co,. LTD., L&M International)
        • Key Points of Formation of the Food and Agricultural Industry Cluster
          (Mr. Kazuhisa NAKANO, Regional Business Research Center)
        • Food and Agriculture Industry Cluster -Progress of Multisectoral Commercialization in the Green Shiso Processing Study Group-
          (Ms. Junko YOKOYAMA, Institute for Regional Culture and Creation)
        • University-Industry-Government Cooperation in Toyohashi University of Technology (Dr. Naohiro HOZUMI, TUT)
        • Case of U-I-G Collaboration in TUT (2): Development of Ion Image Sensors and Initiatives toward Societal Implementation (Dr. Kazuaki SAWADA, TUT)
        • Case of U-I-G Collaboration in TUT (3): Life-Support Robot and Smart Hospital to Enrich Super-Eldery Society (Dr. Kazuhiko TERASHIMA, TUT)
        • Case of U-I-G Collaboration in TUT (3): Sinfonia Technology's Expectations in Industry-Academia Collaboration and Universities
          (Mr. Hirotoshi KAWAMURA, Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd)
        • Intellectual Property 1 (Dr. Hiroshi KATO, Nihon University)
        • Intellectual Property 2 (Dr. Hiroshi KATO, Nihon University)
        • Optronics Cluster Initiative in Hamamatsu
          (Mr. Yosuke MASUDA, Hamamatsu Agency for Innovation)
        • Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries (Mr. Yoshihiro TAKIGUCHI, The Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries)
        • Overview of Softopia Japan and Its Policy Measures
          (Mr. Rintaro TESHIMA, Softopia Japan Foundation)
        • Experience Sharing by Ex-participant of Year 2016 - San Luis Potosi Automotive Cluster in Mexico (Mr. Hector Soto, San Luis Potosi Automotive Cluster)
        • Industry Cluster Approach for Local Industry Development - Experience in the Philippines - (Mr. Tetsuo INOOKA, Unico International Corp.)
        • Cluster Development Policy in Northern Part of Mie Prefecture (Mr. Masatake WADA)
        • Industrial Cluster Policy in Kansai Region (Mr. Shoji HIRATA, METI-KANSAI)
        • Regional Development Measures such as Cluster Projects (Mr. Masamitsu SHIBATA, Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO)
        • From Kansai to Asia - Initiatives to Promote B2B Partnerships in Environmental and Energy-saving Technologies (Ms. Keiko MURAKAMI, METI-KANSAI)
        • Industrial Cluster Case Studies - Development of "Cell-based Modular Plant Factories" and Reconstruction of Agriculture (Mr. Yoshikazu NISHIDA, Itoh Denki Co., Ltd.)
        • Kyoto Research Park, its Activities & Networking
          (Mr. Takayuki NAGAI, Kyoto Research Park Corp.)

Regional Industry Promotion by Cluster Approach(B) JFY2016

    • 【Course Period in JAPAN】 5th October 2016 to 5th November 2016
    • 【Participating Countries】 INDONESIA, KAZAKHSTAN, KENYA, MEXICO, TUNISIA, VIET NAM (11 members in total)
    • 【Program Contents( Lecturer/Speaker)】
      • Case of University-Industry-Government (U-I-G) Collaboration in TUT (Dr.Naohiro HOZUMI, TUT)
      • Plant factory pilot site run by TUT (Dr. Hiroyuki DAIMON, TUT)
      • Japanese Government Policies for Industry and Policies related to clusters (Mr. Shinichiro NAKASHIMA,Chubu Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) )
      • Local government Policy for Industry (Mr. Masami HAYASHI, Obu city government )
      • Basic Understanding about Industrial Cluster (Ms. Chie SATO, Biztech Co. Ltd.)
      • Cluster in Higashi Mikawa Region and Toyohashi city (Dr.Toshiyuki TODA, Research Center for San-En-Nanshin Regional Collaboration, Aichi University)
      • Development plan for Higashi Mikawa area (Dr. Katsutoshi KATO, Higashi Mikawa Region Research Center)
      • Case of U-I-G Collaboration in TUT (2) (Dr. Nobumasa Sekishita, Associate Prof., TUT)
      • Toyohashi Cluster projects and the city policy (Mr. Kentaro ONO, Toyohashi City Government)
      • Science Create Co-its business and roles in Cluster (Mr. Keinosuke SHIRASAKA, Science Create Co., Ltd.)
      • Food-agriculture cluster project in Toyohashi, Role of managers (Mr. Hideo TSUZUKI, Science Create Co., Ltd.)
      • Characteristics of Toyohashi Cluster (Mr. Kazuhisa NAKANO, Director of Regional Business Research Center)
      • New Cluster Development - Business creation (Mr. Hideo TSUZUKI, Science Create Co., Ltd.)
      • Hamamatsu optronics cluster (Mr. Yosuke MASUDA,Hamamatsu Agency of Innovation)
      • Mikawa port (Mr. Hiroshi SAKAGAMI,Toyohashi city Government)
      • Cluster Development in Developing Countries: Private Sector Development perspectives (Mr. Takafumi UEDA, JICA)
      • Cluster in Malaysia (Dr. Radzuan bin Abd Rahman, Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA))
      • SOFTPIA Japan - Cluster case in IT (Mr. Rintaro TESHIMA, SOFTPIA Japan)
      • Intellectual Property (Dr. Hiroshi KATO, Nihon University)
      • Activities of Advanced Material Innovation Center (AMIC) - Case of cluster related to IP (Mr. Masatake WADA, Mie pref. Industry support center)
      • Cluster Strategies in Kansai region (Mr. Yoshihiro KUROKI,METI (Kinki Bureau))
      • Kansai E- Cluster activities (Ms. Keiko MURAKAMI,METI (Kinki Bureau))
      • "MONODUKURI" Support in Viet Nam (Mr. Teppei UEMURA,METI (Kinki Bureau))
      • Kyoto Research Park Corp. - U-I-G cluster (Mr. Takayuki NAGAI, Kyoto Research Park)

    Regional Industry Cluster Development through University-Industry-Government (U-I-G) Cooperation(from FY2013 till FY2015)

        • 【2015】Regional Industry Cluster Development through University-Industry-Government (U-I-G) Cooperation
        • 【2014】Establishing Knowledge Cluster through University-Industry-Government (U-I-G) Cooperation: Regional Industry Cluster Development
        • 【2013】Human Resource Development for Establishing Knowledge Cluster through University-Industry-Government (U-I-G) Cooperation

    Coordinator Training for Tertiary Education-Industry-Government (T-I-G) Link to Develop Local Industry Sector (from FY2010 till FY2012)

    Coordinator Training for Tertiary Education-Industry-Government Linkage to Develop Automobile Supporting Industries (from FY2007 till FY2009)

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