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Reported Accidents involving Int'l Students

Note: If you are subject to punishment by university, it affects in many aspects, for example, tuition waiver, entering student dormitory, cancellation of scholarship recommendation etc.

Type Date/Time Place Details Penalty
Traffic Accident Jan. 2015 Toyohashi City An international student tumbled while driving a bike to avoid a collision with a car which turned left suddenly.   Keep appropriate distance between the front car.
Traffic Accident Apr. 2014 Toyohashi City A student drove a friend's car  and hit an oncoming car when he made a right turn (without a license).   Bear a burden of ¥xxx,000 as the student did not join voluntary insurance. Don't lend your car whom someone doesn't have a license.
Embezzlement Mar. 2014 In University Students took some stuff from garbage dump without permission.   It will be charged of the embezzlement taking any stuff from a garbage dump.
Theft Oct. 2013 Toyohashi City A student took farm products without permission.   It will be charged of the theft taking any products from other's farm.
Traffic Accident July. 2013 Toyohashi City A student drove a car, then he reversed suddenly to avoid a minor accident with a bicycle when he was going to merge and bumped the following car.   Be careful of other vehicles and bicycles when you merge traffic.
Traffic Accident May. 2013 Toyohashi City Student riding on a motorcycle was hit a left-turning car.The part of car damaged.   At the intersection, be careful about accidents rolled up.
Traffic Accident Feb. 2013 Toyohashi City Slipped and fell when riding on a motorcycle in rain.   The number of falling accident by motorcycle is increasing.(Pay extra attention in rain and at the traffic intersection.)
Invalid License Jan. 2013 Inquiry to Int'l Affairs Div. Possess a card type International Driver's License.   Card type license is invalid in Japan as it is not based on the Geneva Treaty. Take a measure to issue non-card type (paper) license at Embassy.
Traffic Accident Evening
Dec. 2012
Toyohashi City Collided against another car as the International Student driving a vehicle neglected "STOP" traffic sign. Strict warning Bear a burden of ¥xxx,000 as the student did not join voluntary insurance. Regarded as "driving without license" due to the invalid International Drivers License.
Experiment Accident Nov. 2012 In Laboratory Burn injury by reagent   Must follow the instructions/manual in laboratory
Illegal Parking Nov. 2012 In University Even after the strong warning, International student repeated illegal parking on campus with other student's sticker. Admonitory Warning Student repeated the same mistakes and did not seem to feel bad. Should respect university rules.
Traffic Accident Jan. 2012 Toyohashi City Cars driven by international student was collided by another car neglected the traffic sign of temporary stop. Student was not hurt but no voluntary insurance. Student had to pay for some part of the damage.   Without a voluntary insurance, student has to pay some part of the damage even though it was the counterpart's fault.
Invalid License Aug. 2012 Inquiry to Int'l Affairs Div. International Driver's License which was thought to be valid in Japan, was not valid as it was issued in a non-member country of Geneva Treaty.   Can not drive in Japan with invalid drivers license.
Traffic Accident Aug. 2012 Toyohashi City Student riding bicycle was hit by a car. Caused abrasion and bruise.   Try to remember car number as the counterpart may run away.
Experiment Accident Jul. 2012 In Laboratory Burn injury by reagent   Must follow the instructions/manual in laboratory
Misappropriation Jun. 2012 Toyohashi City International Student was riding on a bicycle which was borrowed by his predecessor. He got police questioning and found out that the bicycle was owned by a different person. He was regarded as using other person's belonging without his/her permission (abstraction) and was under interrogation. Strict warning from supervisor Do not use unattended bicycle. Even if it was given by someone, student should confirm the theft prevention registration of the bicycle.
Police Check May. 2012 Toyohashi City Drove without driver's license. Police warned and attended to the student's apartment to confirm his own license.   Must carry driver's license at any time when driving.
Illegal Parking Feb. 2012 In University Repeated illegal parking on campus. Strict warning (submit an essay repenting his misdeed) Must obtain entry permission at Student Affairs Division.
Traffic Accident Evening
Dec. 2011
Parking Lot in Shopping Mall At parking lot of a shopping mall in rainy weather, student riding on a motorcycle hit a car. No injury but damaged the car. The student had no driver's license and also did not carry Residence Card/Alien Registration Card. One month suspension, expelled from student dormitory Driving without driver's license. The motorcycle was given by a predecessor without auto liability mandatory insurance.Need to carry Residence Card/Alien Registration Card at all times.


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