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The Kubota Fund

The Kubota Fund FY 2020 / 2021


a. Applicant must be a national of developing country, or born & raised in a developing region, whose annual GDP per capita is less than US$7,000.

b. Applicant should be officially registered to a research/educational institute or business enterprise located in Japan.

c. Applicant must be (or will have to be) pursuing academic degree(s)/conducting research project(s) on a specific engineering development theme (preferably civil, electrical, agricultural engineering, environment, energy or development economics).

Duration One year.
Amount From Yen 80,000.- to Yen100,000.- per month.
Submitting Please submit to The Kubota Fund directly by following the Application Guide.
Closing date for applications: Friday, January 17, 2020
(Postmarked before and on the date are valied)
*Please let us know when you apply.
Application Guide

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