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[Invitation] Hiking to Atera Nanataki (waterfall) [outside the campus]

Publishing : 2018.09.25

Hiking to Atera Nanataki (waterfall)

Organizer International Exchange Sakura
Date 21 October (Sun) 2018
Place 9:08 Toyohashi sta. (Iida line) to Shinshiro sta. 9:59arrival

10:00 Meet at Shinshiro station and car pick up
11:00 Hiking to the waterfall
12:30 Lunch (Nagashino-shokudo)
14:00 Visit Shitaragahara historical museum and Mokkuru Shinshiro
15:42 Leave Shinshiro sta. to Toyohashi sta.16:16 (or 16:12) arrival
Capacity Maximum 6 people
  • rain-out
  • lunch and museum charge will be treated
  • Lunch is fit for Muslim
Application Sign up through the following link by 12 October (Fri).

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